why am i always so inactive

gdsaed [inserts this really cute ootd]

i’ve been playing lots of league recently. even though i keep lagging, i need help.


preview of the oc i started making yesterday night bc i havent made anything for a while !! I also can’t make/draw/shade clothes LOL



Blog Revamp

I thought this blog looked kind of boring. I can’t remember the last time I added a header or a background.



This was my plan for the header but its way too big and it looks weird when I added it. So this leads to changing the blog theme. Maybe I’ll make a background but thats too much effort for me (^:



Ugh what am i doing

Sorry for being so inactive, I’m one of those extremely lazy/busy? bloggers. I still look at posts and like but I don’t really have time to write a long post. If you need to contact/talk to me about anything, you can you comment on any of my social media (included WordPress) since I’m still active. I just don’t feel like posting.

Since I’ve been away for a bit, here are some edits I made during my absence.

kkkkCollaboration w/ Mudkipz4321shokes


and i guess

Uploading spree by fairypix <– gr8 base (change the colour of the eye to your liking)

you may need this by fairypix <– gr8 for animators

Hand by fairypix<– gr8 for edits or animating

idk man, these are really handy

idc if you credit


How To Ombre // Tutorial


So get out a fantage hair, it can be either edited/ from fantage or custom.


You wanna select the whole hair and copy it (Ctrl + C)


Add a new layer


Make sure that you stick to the second layer


Paste the same hair (Ctrl + V)  Your layer should look like this


Go to Adjustments > Hue / Saturation


This should appear


Adjust it to the colour that you’d like the hair to be dyed to


Now your layers should look something like this


Click on gradient


Go to the mode and select Transparency Mode


Drag your mouse ‘down to up’ to make the colour of your choice to be on the bottom. If you want it to be on the top, you’ll need to go ‘up to down’.


Now your layers should look like this



This is what the layer that you’re using to ombre looks like. As you can see the colour isn’t fading away.


Adding an extra colour is optional.


Merge the layers once you’re happy. After that, you will be able to use it in an edit!


Since im a lazy person, here is my final design thing oc idk


*Note*  Of Course, this technique isn’t just used for hair.




soo, like 2 days ago kim (bollony boony), sophia (caustic) and I decided to make a fantage animated series. The names in brackets () are their youtube names. The series is called Moving On. Today, Kim decided to make the teaser for this series as I was rushed to complete making the four main characters.

Like I said the video was made by Bollony Boony (Kim). It is uploaded on both her own channel and the collab channel that the series will continue on.

If you dont understand this teaser:

So this girl named Fleur gets abused by her boyfriend. She has had enough and decided to move to Washington. Basically. LOL

Just letting you know that the guy at the end isnt the guy that was on the bed.

If you have any issues or questions about this, please leave a comment.

Please Subscribe to the following!

Bollony Boony (maker of this video): https://www.youtube.com/user/NOTSUCHTHING23

Series Channel (Sokili): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwoHwFtV8nwyYrCgsx9-XA

The channel is called Sokili because we put all our names together and it turned out like that i guess

First Impression – Puppy Sitting


Judging from the actual event name “Puppy Sitting”, Im going to assume that this event is about looking after a virtual dog. And I’m not even sure if its going to be ‘A’ puppy, what if they make us puppy sit like 5 at a time.

Okay, so reading the tagline

‘Help Maurice by caring for a cuddly puppy!’

Im pretty sure you’ll know Maurice, The pet shop owner. (Appearance; Grey Hair w/ a hat, Blue overall with a yellowish tanned colour collar shirt and brown shoes).

Okay so we get that its fantage but Maurice doesn’t sell or give puppies away. Well, I do also get that the pets that can be purchased are hatched from eggs. I mean if Maurice wanted us to look after his cuddly puppies wouldn’t he need about 5000. How does that work? What reality is this?

Im imagining that we will be caring for these puppies like those dog caring games. You know, like washing, combing, feeding and playing with the puppy. I doubt an event like this will be pixelated, It will probably be the same graphics as those event videos that we use to get.

Im kind off curious what the limited outfits may look like. But since we caring for a puppies, it will probably be look dogtreats, brush, collar with dog for a body accesory. And yeah, I have no idea what the clothing may look like

So this event will run for 6-7 days.

Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Husky. (In order) are shown in this Preview image.

You make the street lights reappear


Want this look?

*Hair; Lifesaver – Mymall (6000 gold – 9000 gold)

Shirt; Pink Striped Polo – This shirt is either a retired shop item? Mymall (1000 gold – 2000 gold)

*Short; Black n’ White shorts – Mymall (12000 gold (min))

*Shoes; Earthy Sneakers – Le Shop (1000 ecoins/stars, 800 gold)

*Face Accessory; Kitty1929’s Dark Shades – Mymall (1500 gold – 4000 gold)

*Body Accessory; Donut Pool Floater – Mymall (500 gold – 1000 gold)

Anything with (*) are member items which are needed to either be purchased with ecoins or gold.